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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread

Originally Posted by zman View Post
I like this armour, cowl is ok, gauntlets a little out there for me.

Not a fan of the armoured look, but this is a very good attempt overall. I like the way that the segmentation matches human anatomy, unlike the jigsaw-puzzle horror show on the TDK/R batsuit. The only things I find a bit clumsy are the gauntlets (I wish this approach hadn't ever been used by the videogames- it looks awful) and the black-on-black symbol.

It may look a bit more...credible if the model relaxed his expression.
Originally Posted by Harrier View Post
Honest question,

Are there any other color pallettes that could work for the Batusit that would convey stealth, intimidation and all the things Batman would want other than Black (or Black and Grey?)

The one reason I liked the Injustice suit is that it did use some blue hues and whatnot to give it a different kind of look.
I'm a big defender of the blue- as a child of the 80s, blue and grey is what Batman wears to me. It is a perfectly reasonable pairing for an urban environment. I understand that the evidence is that pure black colour blocking is much easier to see in the gloom, as it gives a sharp outline. I think any colour would be effective if it was muted. Midnight blue and charcoal grey looks good, and would work well.

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