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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread

Originally Posted by regwec View Post
Not a fan of the armoured look, but this is a very good attempt overall. I like the way that the segmentation matches human anatomy, unlike the jigsaw-puzzle horror show on the TDK/R batsuit. The only things I find a bit clumsy are the gauntlets (I wish this approach hadn't ever been used by the videogames- it looks awful) and the black-on-black symbol.

It may look a bit more...credible if the model relaxed his expression.

I'm a big defender of the blue- as a child of the 80s, blue and grey is what Batman wears to me. It is a perfectly reasonable pairing for an urban environment. I understand that the evidence is that pure black colour blocking is much easier to see in the gloom, as it gives a sharp outline. I think any colour would be effective if it was muted. Midnight blue and charcoal grey looks good, and would work well.

Now I shall man the barricades while my opinion is assaulted from all fronts.

As long as there isn't bright yellow, I definitely can agree.

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