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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

Okay i just saw it and i thought it wasn't bad It definitely is not AEMH. But I went into this should and I thought it would be more like the Ultimate Spiderman with all the goofy kid stuff but it isn't It is watchable but it does tend to feel kiddish but doesn't do it too much like Ultimate Spiderman. The show does have it's weakness like the animation it feels to old school and it doesn't feel smooth there were times where It looked really good but then it looked bad. The Voice Acting isn't bad but doesn't compare to AEMH. The only voice actors i Liked were Cap Thor and Hulk. Another thing is I hated how it changes from fullscreen to widescreen and all the splitscreen stuff i find it really annoying. I did like the cliffhanger though it did keep interested and can't wait for more

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