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Default Re: THE WOLVERINE Trailer Thread - Second Teaser Online May 21st

Originally Posted by Nell2ThaIzzay View Post
These theories based on overanalyzing a single frame of a movie trailer NEVER turn out to be what the theorists claim them to be, and this will be no different.

As far as the fights go - Logan's fight in the forest is literally the SAME fight as the mansion fight in X2. The only difference is the locale. It has the same slicing, dicing ,slashing, impaling, and flying off of high spaces, as the mansion scene, one is just indoors the other is outdoors. The only reason why the fights are viewed differently is because of the rabid fanboy hatred of X-Men: The Last Stand. If that same exact scene was in X-Men: First Class people would be praising it.

The Three Mile Island fight with Victor has impaling, crashing through windows, and a pure visceral animalistic nature to it. It's one of the few moments in X-Men Origins: Wolverine that is exactly what people claim they want to see from a Wolverine movie, but of course because of the movie it's in, it automatically gets discarded and proclaimed "bad".

Want proof? Just look at all the fanboy claims that there are zero redeeming qualities about X-Men 3 or X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Whether you like those movies or not (and I do, but I still see there are many issues with them), it is simply put not an objective or truthful point of view to say there are no redeeming qualities. And yet, countless hordes of rabid fanboys say exactly that about those 2 films.
It's not a theory or over anilization. Watch the 1080p trailer if you have a good monitor you will see it very clearly. Like I said the angles don't work out, It's NOT possible for all 3 of wolverines claws to be facing directly at the camera like that without seeing even slight depth on the 1st and 3rd claw. Because, again, they are not perfectly parallel. We will just wait for the movie to see the explanation.

I have a like/hate relationship with X3 and I like Origins very much, more than most, there are truly things i like about x3, but the fights lacked any real tension and quality. What was the real reason Logan was fighting in the forest? who really cared. He was crying about Jean. Pretty much whole story in x3 makes the action much less important, thus feeling boring. The hate is perfectly warranted because of whats on film. Your sitting there thinking there are no real stakes, and its action just for the sake of action through most of the movie. It's the same hack and slash yes, but in x2 it was meaningful and with way more style and thought process put into it, and makes you feel for what's happening on screen. The story needs to carry the action and make it meaningful. It's very important. I get a rush in the mansion scene that I dont get from the forest scene. Theres build up and extreme tension. It matters.

I like most of the fight scenes in origins better than anything from X3 though. At least origins is fun to watch for me. I feel there's slightly better choreography even though everything is cut off way too soon. Especially the weapon x breakout scene, and Logan/victors last face off.

Something I feel mangold has brought back, if even slightly, is the tension and porpose for action. From what I've seen in the wolverine trailers it's actually done with some thought and care. at least the sword fight, im not sold on the ninjas in the snow just yet, feels more like an origins fight scene, but it has potential. I see blood too, which is a major step in the right direction in giving it meaning and gravitas.

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