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Default Re: THE WOLVERINE Trailer Thread - Second Teaser Online May 21st

There are redeeming things in both last Stand and Origins.While neither one Is In the
same league as X-Men,X2,and first Class.

Last Stand I has always called a film with mixed views.There are things you can enjoy
and things you hate and want the heads of Brett Ratner and Tom rothman.I am much tougher on last stand as sequel to X-Men and X2.It defently doesn't live up to eather one.

Unpopular oporion but I can actully enjoy watching Origins.Yes they butched deadpool,
and made no effort to match X2 flashbacks of weapon X or have Akalai lake match one seen In X2 but your going to see Origins because your fan of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.Plus they had sequenze straight out of Origin.Sabretooth with personality from comcis.With Blob in full blob It looks good for that character.Decent version of teenage cyclops and even had Gambit,unfortunily It was based on ultimate version of Gambit but I always prefer looking at 616 over ultimate version,and you had Patrick Stewart as Xavier.

And If you were one prasing Iron Man 3 I am sorry you have no business critizing anything Fox does with X-Men.

Look I would have been fine If with DOFP Bryan singer would have decided to just outright Ignore both Last Stand and Origins.But,If given choice I would rather watch Origins than Last Stand.

The Wolverine Is likely going to blow both origins and Last Stand away.Rothman's gone and
James Mangold Is not Ratner.

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