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Default Re: Do you think Marvel will EVER get the film rights to Spider-Man?

Originally Posted by H.U.S.T.L.E. View Post
I'd be all for Marvel buying back the rights to Spider-Man if they became available. There's a zillion questions to be asked in connection to that scenario though:

- Would Marvel be willing to get into a likely bidding war considering they've been known for frugal spending habits thus far?
- Would they continue to build off the Amazing Spider-Man franchise?
- How would they handle Spider-Man as part of the MCU?

Those are just a few quick ones, so there's many more if we want to probe.
There would be no bidding war. Marvel licensed the rights to SM and the XM to Sony and Fox to make movies. That does not allow them to sell the rights to others if they longer wish to make them.

What I don't understand is why Disney/Fox/Sony can't just get together and jointly finance a movie with the characters together. Movie studios do joint financing projects all the time (Titanic). This would seem like a no brainer.

Animex is right on the merchandising. Without the merchandising rights these movies are much harder to turn a profit on given there huge cost. ASM still made a profit because of its overseas box office but I am not sure XFC did.

Off topic Man of Steel cost less than ASM but seems to have much more impressive special effects from the trailers. How did they manage that?

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