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Default Re: *Spoilers* Problems caused by the MCU

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Isn't the whole "mission statement" of Marvel Studios to create a working cinematic superhero universe? The point isn't to try to make a "realistic" superhero movie, it's to bring the fantastical into the real world and show how people would "realistically" react and interact with such vast changes in our universe. As opposed to the original comic books, which were aimed primarily at little boys who were playing with baseball cards and riding bicycles and chewing bubble gum; so trying to make any of this make any sense or be believable wasn't high on the priority list back in the 1960s.

Marvel Studios *wants* the fantastical elements. The magic, the alien worlds and weapons, the superpowers that defy the laws of physics. But they want to create a *realistic* depiction of how those things come to be in our world, and how it changes us as a people.
I never said that it wasn't a perhaps "realistic" was a poor choice of words. The point I'm trying to make is that there is a uniform tone that all of these films have to abide by now to a degree. The X-Men and Spider-Man were both great films but they had strikingly different tones that didn't mesh well together at all. This to a degree allowed each of the franchises to function much better and highlight the messages they were trying to deliver much more efficiently.

The point I'm trying to make is that the reason none of the sequels have lived up to the original film is because the science fiction tone has shifted closer to fantasy, with scientific elements.

No not all superhero films should be realistic, but not all should have the same tone either. While I love the fact all of these characters can co-exist, the more rational side of me that can look past the geek out understands that this could seriously inhibit the solo films being put out.

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