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Default Re: How many more movies would you like with >Original Cast<?

I personally want to see a movie for New Mutants, X-Factor and solo movies for Storm, Cyclops but I don't think it would work very well like it worked for MCU. Even if being part of MCU certainly helped the movies of Iron Man, Thor and Captain America to get more attention, they can still carry their own film.

With X-Men, if you check the sales of the comic-books, the X-Men titles and Wolverine titles are always the most-selling X-Men comic-book issues of the month. Plus making these films take a lot of time. Instead of waiting for *something new* to happen, I would rather want FOX to focus on making more X-Men films with the original cast, its more easier than coming up a story for a brand new cast and FOX should also focus on making Fantastic Four movies. Their main priority right now should be X-Men & Fantastic Four. Forget about spin-offs and prequels for now, make them marketable and as big as the other superhero films out there. Releasing spin-offs that attracts less to the general audience won't help X-Men and Fantastic Four compete with the other big movies out there.

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