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Default Re: "Romeo & Juliet Return?": The Official Jean Grey/Cyclops Debate

Originally Posted by DarknessOfDeath View Post
k...don't take my word when u read this but according to someone on tumblr, said person claims they've seen Famke on a subway in Montreal.

Personally, I am not buying it until there is something more concrete to rely on but anyway, just a rumour floating about as usual.
If they snuck In James Marsden for appearance at end of film to setup next film
very possable they could also sneak Famke In.

This may not mean they are planning to redo Phoenix story but they may want
to use Jean again In future.

A source for a Hollywood trade claimed after Bryan Announced Anna Paquin,Shawn ashmore,and ELlen Page would be back that all the cast
would be back.If sightings of James nad Famke are correct all that are
missing are Rebecca Romijn and Alan Cumming.And don't forget In Interview James Mcavoy said CUmming would be back.Yeah they denied It but In Interview Bryan kinda hinted at use of Nightcrawler.Both Bryan and Hugh Jackman denied a wolverine cameo for First Class and untill till after the first trailer for the wolverine came out famke was denying an appearance In The

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