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Default Action scenes

I've watched the trailer maybe a 100 times for the sequel
and im super excited just like anyone else is. Obviously
a good plot and acting is whats going to make this movie
sky rocket but being the geek I am not only do I want
amazing action scenes but incredible feats as well.

Yes, Thor in the Marvel Movie-Verse has had considerably
impressive feats, and for the most part pretty consistent.
He's probably had the best consistent showings of all
Superhero movie adapations and been the most durable/powerful.

I'd just like to see more and here's a list.

1) Fast combat - Thor. Here is a quy quick enough to deflect
bullets. I would really like to see some combat scenes
where he moves at warp speed taking on groups of warriors
virtually simultaneously. I'd also like to see lightning
quick h2h/weapon battles. The Jotunheim scene was wicked,
lets turn it up a couple notches against faster foes.

2) Strength feats without the hammer. Lift up a continent
with little effort. Body slam an enemy and make a crater
from the impact. Redirect an asteroid. Hell do all three.

3) God blast. A few of them. More lightning with less
effort. Lightning storms, tornados, hail storms with
hail the size of meteors.

oh and yes this would take a bunch of CGI. Well... Thor
is a flying mystical magic weilding weather manipulator
with the durability of Doomsday. Yes, CGI will be involved.

what would you like to see the most?

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