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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 5

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So just wait just one second buddy ol boys. Theyre attacking nick fury and he now become centre pompidoo piece of attention. So first, mainly action scenes are there for the involvement of the sam jackson as furious nick and captain roger has to get his female fried black widow to beat up and torture scientist for informations as we see in earlier pics. Why the heck is then captain america even the focus if film. So stupid. Everyone else doing th action and plot and not him. I wonder if he demand script change? Maybe they are used the plot of him getting anti serum so he can be normal. That would explain his poor quality low fitness skinny malnourish unfed look. That and baggy new costume probably highlight this. This is why he cant take on winter soldie without help from falcon and black scarlett. It is good thought. They did same in spider man 2 and now in wolverine
that is ONE action scene with Nick fury they've been filming all week, this is probably 5 minutes of he movie, haha

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