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Default Re: Race changes that wouldn't bother you

Originally Posted by tvor03 View Post
And isn't it kinda insulting to minorities to change well-known characters to a different race just to placate them? It's basically them saying, "We know there's black, latin, asian superheroes out there. But instead of simply including them, we're just gonna take this white character and make him black, latin, asian so you'll feel special." That's like putting a bunch of hockey players in blackface just to get black people interested in the sport.
Including non-white characters that don't actually go in the story just to placate non-whites is even more insulting. However, if I'm doing a story, and I want to tell that story in a way that is relevant to modern times, and so in addition to changing everything else, I also change some of the races, why then would I bring other characters fro a different story to get the same effect?

Black face is for white people. That shows that your issue is not the change so much, but that you view these characters as essentially white. The fact that you view black characters as *for* Black people suggests that you view white characters as for white people... that is *actually* insulting. The truth is, these characters that have existed for so long, that are incidentally white and have affected all of our lives, they're for everyone. Some filmmakers get that. People who don't will continue to try and say they're PC or placating, because there's nothing actually wrong with changing a race, so anyone who's against it has to baselessly assume that it's being done for some evil reason, otherwise... why be against it?

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