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Default Re: "The Truth: Red, White And Black"

I loved the Truth. It's one of my favorite graphic novels and is definitely my favorite Captain America story.

As for star89 I do understand where you are coming from. It's tough when you look at the roster of black superheroes from the big companies. I think the potential is there but the execution sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. But even then you find some real good portrayals/depictions of black superheroes from time to time.

I would recommend you seek out writers like Dwayne McDuffie, Christopher Priest, and Reginald Hudlin. Hudlin is something of a lightning rod among comics fans (particularly some white fans) but I recommend you check him out for yourself if you haven't already and make up your own mind.

Also there's Milestone Comics, some of those books (Icon, Static) you can probably find easily in trades.

And there are the independents

(Of the independents I've only read Ant. I liked it, but the creator Mario Gully had trouble putting the book out consistently. I read that he has since sold the character to Erik Larsen. I have read one of Jimmie Robinson's volumes of Bomb Queen (she is not black) and one issue of his Five Weapons so far (one of the ensemble characters is black))

Also, Dynamite's Bring the Thunder

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