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Default Re: Catch me if you can!! Evan Peters?Quicksilver Thread

Originally Posted by BMM View Post
I wouldn't be surprised if there is no mention of Quicksilver being Magneto's son.

Professor Xavier/Juggernaut

But we'll see.
Right, theres even more than that, but I feel there may be a good dynamic introduced with the time travel aspect, and having sons/daughters etc. We could very well see Cable be brought in, and it revealed that jean/scott live in the end, etc.

But thats a whole nother world of speculation. I just feel Singer has a purpose for him in relation to Magneto. Mags needs a fresh story element, and this is it! I really want Scarlett Witch to be announced for DOFP.

Maybe Im wrong, I won't be upset if there is no family connection, because Im so used to it with the X-films. Its very sad and a huge missed opportunity though. More so than the other connections imo since Magneto is such a huge main focus.

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