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Default Re: The Natalie Portman/Jane Foster Thread

hey everyone I did post this in another thread ... it should have been here. So I put it here for those who didnt see it. This is what I hope for in thor 2 regarding jane

Jane will be interesting cant wait to see her in asgard and how she will interact with the asgardians, I hope she will hold her own with her wit and scientific mind. Maybe show the value of mind over brute strength, that the asgardians favor so much. I have a feeling the asgardings are going to be very consending towards her and humans in general despite the events of the avengers

I always felt that Jane was given a bad deal in the comics when she went to asgard, a test she had no hope of passing. I am rooting for her over Sif, yes Sif is a strong character no deying that, but I know from some of the comics that she can be condesnding so it will be interesting to see if she has some of that attitude. But I do like jamies version of the character, she is good for that role

Besides I always go for the underdogs, and I know jane is one I hope she as I said can hold her own. Oh and her interaction with Loki should be good too they finally meet according to the trailer they travel together really cant wait to see that.

My two cents as always just an opinion

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