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Default Re: The Mandarin in Iron Man 3...Love it or hate it? - Part 1

I'm going to follow up with another thing that bothered me, because of the choices that was made for this character.

Whoever is justifying their arguments by saying the Mandarin twist is like Ra's Al Ghul... don't have enough respect for the original source material for a solid argument. There are points in which the film were a little too humorous for me to take it seriously EXCEPT when the Mandarin came into play. On my behalf, I felt I could buy into all the comedic relief because from what I saw and understood, Kingsley held my interest in being a serious threat for Tony Stark and the rest of the world he affected. With him being the sadistic terrorist, there was a balance between light and then getting dark.

And to see him just played down into being just a figment of Killian's schemes... was the biggest villain disappointment I've seen since Foreman Venom in SM3. Not that Guy Pearce or Kingsley did a bad job; they did wonderfully, for what they were given to work with. But the choice of just defanging the Mandarin to be just some British drug junkie like in 80's cop shows is unforgivable for me.

When I watched the rest of this film, I lost the sense of danger it first started out with. I couldn't take the rest of the film seriously when it aimed to be serious; like they just laughed it off with a joke and beat it to death with a flying robotic arm. And it killed it for me. It had so much potential for being a wickedly great film, and just died down to be only a slightly witty mediocre action film.

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