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Default Re: Race changes that wouldn't bother you

I have to admit all race changes annoy me.Even secondary characters.

For example,Alicia Masters was supposed to resemble Sue somewhat in her first appearance in the comic,so why cast an actress from a different race than Sue?

Or Perry White.A character that has existed upward of 70 years.Everybody knows the name.Your grandfather knows who Perry White is.There's no need to change his race.(or Jimmy Olsen's gender,but that's another story)

But as I said in various threads,Heimdall didn't bother me,(since as a non-Thor reader,I didn't know the character from a hole in the ground) and I thought Michael Clarke Duncan was exceptional as the Kingpin.

I kinda don't mind Foxx as Electro since:

A. As a purist I'm not gonna get the goofy looking green & yellow costume anyway.

B. To call Electro a "B list" villain would be generous

C. I had less than praise for the first film,so it's not like it could "ruin" a beloved franchise at this point.

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