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Default Re: Why is everyone slamming TDKR? - Part 1

I am a HUGE Bat fan but even when I saw Rises for the first time in theaters last year, I was underwhelmed by it. Its not a bad movie by ANY means but it's certainly NOT the epic conclusion that people and filmmakers were hyping it up to be. First of all the movie has plot holes, useless characters (cough Foley cough) and Batman in costume has maybe 10 mins of screen time, and there is only 3 action set pieces in the whole movie, the stock exchange chase, swear fight, and the finale battle, which I might add is one of the lamest final fights I ever seen. I saw Rises twice in theaters and twice when I bought the blu ray last December and haven't watched it since. Tried to watch a week or two ago but I honestly can't sit through it anymore, it just bores me. I can however still sit through BB and DK. Lets be honest here The Dark Knight is one of if not THE BEST Bat film to date.

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