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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

Originally Posted by Mjölnir View Post
Agreed, although purely in the power perspective. I want him to be more present than he was in the second season and have more screen time than in TA if anything.
Oh no I meant in power display and being the teams "go to guy", I definately want him to be around more. I like how important to the team he was in the 2nd season, he wasn't treated like just another member.

Originally Posted by OB12 View Post
I'll be giving this a chance, but it would have to be an absolutely amazing show to top what EMH gave us. On the topic of Thor for EMH, he was clearly the team's go-to guy. I particularly liked this exchange from the series finale:

Spider-Man: "Why aren't you freaking out!? It's the end of the world!"
Captain America: "Because I hear it."
Spider-Man: "Hear what?"
Captain America: "Thunder."
Agreed, as a matter of fact that same exchange is in my signature.

Originally Posted by hafizbat View Post
I'd also include the Ultron episode, that was awesome. In it, Ultron waits until his robo-avengers are fully assembled before they take on Thor, and it really takes all of them combined to take him down. And after he's captured, Ultron says something about how Thor was the biggest threat. Loved how Cap was so smart in this episode too.

Overall, the characterization of Thor in season 2 was great. He was clearly the most powerful.
Yeah that was awesome episode for Thor, I don't know how I managed to forget about that. It was also pretty cool how Thor was the one who finished Ultron off for good by knocking his head off.

Thor was pretty badass the first time they fought Ultron, he was the only one who could go toe to toe with him.

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