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Default Re: Why is everyone slamming TDKR? - Part 1

IMO, I don't care what anyone thinks but here's a fact, Batman is arguably the single most popular superhero ever. The most iconic obviously is Superman, I think. A lot of jealousy over Batman, and I can definitely understand that. After all, it is the ONLY Superhero franchise that has had two films gross over a billion world wide.

Not to mention, it happened in a matter of only 4 years. Two films which both sit in the top ten all time domestic rankings. Yeah, there is going to be hate. There always is when it comes to success.

Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy deserves to be up there with LOTR, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future as a trilogy people will remember forever. People can hate on that for all I care.

I will say this, I still believe Batman Begins is the best superhero film I've ever seen to this day. That might change on June 14th

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