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Default Re: Why is everyone slamming TDKR? - Part 1

Originally Posted by ShadowBoxer View Post
Yea I will give you those action sequences I just forgot about those. As they really aren't that memorable in my opinion besides the sewer fight. Batman Vs Bane round two is one of the lamest final fights I ever seen. Its almost as bad as Iron Man 2's final battle with Whiplash in my opinion of course.
Really? I thought the plane heist was fantastic. I also loved the sewer fight. Anytime 'The Bat' was onscreen, that was memorable. The return of The Batman/Chase in TDKR was awesome. Watching all of the GCPD hunting Batman, seeing the cops/lights and hearing the sirens going after him 8 years after Harveys death. That was memorable.

What about the pit? Though predictable, it was heart wrenching and something to behold. The acting and dialogue, the dramatic music, these scenes were the best of the trilogy. These scenes were the most memorable of the entire trilogy for me especially the final climb. The Pit embodied Bruce Waynes entire life and grind as Batman: a battle, a climb, fear, death, darkness, rejection, depression, outcast, loneliness, prevalence, hope, faith.

What wasn't memorable for you will be memorable for many. That's not a personal attack it's an obvious fact. The biggest problem I had with The Dark Knight Rises was Batman being shown in broad daylight. We had never seen that before. I posted years ago after BB asking why have we not seen Batman in broad daylight. And yeah, it's in my post statistics.

Well, now we have seen it . It didn't work so well IMO and I was left disappointed but understood the purpose of doing this. Regardless, TDKR isn't better than TDK, no. The story, character development, acting, score were all epic with TDK. However, Rises is STILL a solid movie nonetheless. And that's saying a lot.

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