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Default Re: Evan Peters Joins X-Men: DOFP as Quicksilver

*bangs head*

Them not being Magneto's children does not take away from their characters. It was a retcon. There is tons of history on them that has absolutely nothing to do with Magneto and it was never a major part of their characters, unless you're counting the Evolution and WATXM cartoons and MAYBE a couple random storylines after the fact. Otherwise, it was actually a pretty bad retcon because before that, them not knowing of their past and who their real parents were was a major point of contention for the characters and a very strong and consistent theme which brought them closer together, because the only family they had was each other. It brought a different dynamic to the Avengers and served a particular purpose on the team and in the Avengers comics as a whole. When they retconed Magneto into being their father it pretty much ruined the initial appeal and intent of the characters and turned them into something different than they were intended to be. Them being Magneto's children is a whole thing on its own that can be contained separately from their roles in Avengers stories.

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