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Default Re: Evan Peters Joins X-Men: DOFP as Quicksilver

40 years?? It was retconned in 1982. It's not at all established in their background, I can't stress that enough. Magneto has absolutely nothing to do with the twins' backstory whatsoever beyond birthing them, which is not an essential or wanted element to their characters in the first place. He plays no role in who they become as adults, he plays no role in their classic tenure as Avengers, the era Joss read when he was a kid, and the retcon only served to take the characters in a different direction than what they were originally intended for because that storyline had run its course and was getting stagnant.

But in terms of their role on the Avengers as far as Avengers 2 is concerned, Magneto not being their father takes absolutely nothing whatsoever away from the characters. At all. 0%. Nada. It would serve no purpose as a storytelling device in this context and would only convolute the characters at this point anyway. We don't even know if Singer will have Quicksilver be Magneto's son in DOFP. It's just not as big a part of their characters as people who don't know their history make it out to be, especially since them knowing who their real father is perverts their characters' original roles on the Avengers and their original relationship and foundation of it.

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