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Default Re: Catch me if you can!! Evan Peters?Quicksilver Thread

Originally Posted by usagicassidy View Post
Over on the IGN comments section, I read this suggestion that while I'm sure wasn't intended to be, came off incredibly rude to me:

"I think, if Marvel wants to continue whit this brother/sister thing, they still have Wiccan and Speed. Considering Wiccan's homosexuality they colud do some kind of gender swap just like Man of Steel and Jimmy Olsen. An there is nothing Fox can do about it because they are Young AVENGERS. Just saying."

Cool. Cause the right solution is make Wiccan a girl.
That's pretty gross. How old are these guys who think like that? Also how can they love x-men so passionately and miss the point so much?

So back on topic, yeah this is a gross idea. I would say fox should be ashamed but they don't seem to have any shame ever. Poor joss and poor Evan peters who, in an attempt to make a bit of a name for himself has opened up a huge sh**storm!

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