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Default Re: Evan Peters Joins X-Men: DOFP as Quicksilver

Originally Posted by Fondue View Post
Still, I don't see any problems with having Pietro in two movies, as narrative-wise his appearances are literally ages apart. If it's a cameo, what can he possibly do to contradict what Joss is planning for him? And DOFP will show the general audience he's a mutant, so while this can't be mentioned in TA2, people will still understand who he is.
Well I'm not arguing against that. My problem is people complaining about the Maximoffs being in A2 over other heroes and them saying they fit better in X-Men films and that their characters are ruined without Magneto, none of which is even remotely close to being true.

Also, I don't think the general audience will even realize they're the same character. They will be completely different. In addition to the vast difference in their roles, the QS in DOFP will be American and won't be called Pietro and will be a mutant. The QS in A2 will not be called Quicksilver, will be british, and will be far more fleshed out and will have a completely different explanation for where his powers come from. The only similarity between them will be their powers.

Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
There's no proof Singer didn't plan on using QS before Joss announced his brother/sister act.
I agree with this. Singer has said on record months ago that he's wanted to use Quicksilver and I expected him to use him in this movie. That said if he wanted t just use speed on film then he could have done Northstar.

And besides that, Evan Peters is a pretty great young actor.
While I'm sure he is okay, he is not Quicksilver. Them casting him just proves he will be little more than a glorified cameo and Singer is only interested in using Quicksilver's abilities on screen, not really the character itself. That "before he was an Avenger he was just a really fast kid" comment supports this as well.

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