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Default Re: Your top 5 things that needs to be "fixed" for the Batman reboot

1. Characterization of Batman/Bruce Wayne. Bale's interpretation of the character was terrible. Not even a character I remotely liked, let alone my favorite superhero ever.

2. Art design. As good as the cinematography became in Nolan's films, the art direction was just plain lazy. From the poor juxtaposition of Chicago and soundstage set in Batman Begins, to New York landmarks showing up in TDKR, there was rarely a moment in the film where Gotham actually felt like Gotham, which should be considered a pretty tremendous failure.

3). Lack of fantasy. I think Nolan very much confused fantasy and the fantastic with camp and childishness. And that is simply not true. Other movies like Iron Man and Mission Impossible and other such highly stylized action movies have proved this time and time again You. can have Batman have futuristic tech, and perform out of this word actions and, yes, even have a bunch of merchandising friendly gadgets and vehicles and still have a very good movie.

4). More faithful villains. As good as Joker and Bane were, all of Nolan's villains lacked a pretty tremendously large portion of their characterization or essence purely in the name of realism. Which isn't really all that necessary or needed. Especially in today's world of Avengers and Star Trek movies.

5). Sidekicks. I'm tired of Robin and Batgirl being thought of as childish and unnecessary sideshows to Batman's unparalleled maturity and perfection. It's not at all true in any way, shape or format and so far we've missed out on some really amazing characters, storyline, and character progression for Batman by excluding them from the films.

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