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Default Re: Evan Peters Joins X-Men: DOFP as Quicksilver

Yeah some of you are making baseless assumptions. We know NOTHING about the version of QS that will appear in TA2 and there are still plenty of questions about the QS in DOFP.

Singer's track record has been pretty meh (or worse) since X-2 and his only SH movie in that time was a train wreck of nostalgia and bad ideas. So I'm not really worried about this movie overshadowing the MCU in any way. My guess is that Singer understands that he's not top dog and that his movie isn't in any way competition for the MCU and he will make sure to coordinate whatever he's doing with this character with Marvel and Whedon to avoid any conflict.

Its a bit confusing at the moment, but they're going with "Baby Pietro" so its all good. I want grown ups in TA2 and the MCU in general. 30 somethings minimum. (though i get that its an advantage to cast actors in their late 20's given the length of the contracts).

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At the risk of being totally offensive...there's a quote from Ghandi about Christianity that can be reappropriated for this.

"I like your Christopher Nolan, but I do not like your Nolanites."
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