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Default Re: // ' Lights, Camera, Action!': The Official Filming DOFP Thread [April15-Oct]

For first month of filming we had none of first class actors there only OT actors and those used for future scenes.

Halle Berry has been In LA recently with the begining of filming with first Class actors.Ian Mckellen Is In NZ.Omar Sy Is working on another film.Ellen Page has been away from montreal quite a lot recently.

We have heard report of majority of film taking place In 1973.

Ian Mckellen filmed all his scenes for X2 In 2 week peroid.Bryan Singer also filmed Kevin Spacey's scenes for Superman returns In 6 week peroid.For Star Trek Generations they filmed the 23rd century prologue including a dleted sequenze before starting work with
NG actors(save for Whoopi Goldberg's brief scene with Walter koeneg)

It's a theory and speculation based on available evidance.

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