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Default Re: Evan Peters Joins X-Men: DOFP as Quicksilver

Originally Posted by ThePowerCosmic View Post
Fox having to alter their origin won't be a huge deal. It's not hard to do when they're so easily adaptable to the X-Men universe.

I do think about things like that, lol. How do we know nothing Kree related and Captain Marvel won't be introduced before TA2? There is a strong chance of that with the GOTG movie coming out, and Carol even has a chance of being in that movie before she gets her powers.

And about the Ant-Man and Wasp thing, we don't know if Ant-Man will play like an origin movie or not. It's possible that TA2 could introduce them, and Ant-Man could continue their story. Order of appearances really don't matter in the movies at this point, because if they were going by that logic, Ant-Man and Wasp would have been in the first movie.
My point isn't that it will be a huge deal for Fox to change the origin. I don't care how Fox works them into their films, they can use them, more power to them. My point is that it's annoying to see people saying Marvel will have to change the origin and are the ones forcing the characters into their universe and how Magneto not being their father ruins the characters when it's the exact opposite. It shows a clear lack of knowledge about the characters' actual history and original role in the comics and as someone who does know it it's just extremely annoying to watch all this misinformation be spread across every corner of the fandom.

It's highly highly doubtful that Carol will be in GotG. What they'd have her show up for 5 seconds when Peter Quill is on Earth? Because she wouldn't be going into space with him. She's not Hawkeye, that kind of cameo would be hard to work in. And in context of what we know, do you really think they're going to add ANOTHER Avenger to A2? Highly doubtful. All that is indeed heresay though.

My overal point is that rushing to get out as many heroes in Avengers as possibly is just not a good idea and that people should be patient instead of complaining about other character who they don't understand or know a lot about benig used. It's a waste of potential if they try and jam pack all these characters into the films as quickly as possible.

And Feige and Edgar Wright have said Ant-Man is an origin film, so there's a pretty good chance it's an origin film. :/

Originally Posted by ThePowerCosmic View Post
Those are a lot of assumptions, man. We don't know if Quicksilver will be just a glorified cameo in DOFP, and we don't know if he will be British, far more fleshed out, etc. in TA2.
Except we know people with good sources have said so. Hitflix and SHH are where I'm getting that from. Quicksilver will be used for one action sequence (ie your usual glorified cameo in X-films), he will have a far larger role in A2, and Marvel and Whedon are looking to make SW/QS British. Unless you're saying these people who have been proven to have concrete sources are lying.

That's like hearing that Singer wants Nightcrawler because he's the only one that could deliver an action scene he has in mind for X2(the White House scene). Aside from that, Nightcrawler was given enough screentime as a character while also getting a great action scene. But hey, you could be right. My point is that we don't know. All we heard was that Singer has a sequence in mind that he wanted to use Quicksilver in. That's it.

But, I digress.
The article specifically said he would only be used for one action scene though and implied he would not have a big role in the film at all, which we know is very likely considering how late they cast him and how many characters are already in the film, and the fact the writer specifically said Marvel has far bigger plans for the character while this is partly nose thumbing on Fox's part.

Originally Posted by Joeyjojo72 View Post
Its a bit confusing at the moment, but they're going with "Baby Pietro" so its all good. I want grown ups in TA2 and the MCU in general. 30 somethings minimum. (though i get that its an advantage to cast actors in their late 20's given the length of the contracts).
According to SHH Whedon and Mavel are looking to make the Maximoffs younger.

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