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Default Re: Evan Peters Joins X-Men: DOFP as Quicksilver

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
What? So you're saying the writer is lying despite the fact that we know Drew McWeeny is more than credible on these things? That's like saying a writer for THR or Deadline is lying/speculating. He syas in no uncertain terms that Fox is using him in one action scene and Marvel has larger plans for the character.
I'm not saying he's lying, I'm saying that he's speculating.

He says those things in no uncertain terms, but he doesn't say where he got that information from. If he doesn't cite sources then there's no reason to think this is anything but speculation. If it was, then he would cite sources. That's how journalism works. That's how journalists establish credibility.

Also, reporters from THR and Deadline speculate all the time.

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