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Default Re: Is Spider-Woman an option?

Not for Avengers 2,but down the line, yes. I've actually made a thread on this and it's been talked about in the Cap 2 section in the past. She would be perfect to use in a future Cap or Avengers movie further dealing with HYDRA. The character is the perfect fit for the MCU quite honestly. She's a double agent and would be the perfect kind of character stir things up in a future movie and is also another one of those characters they can take liberty with her origin with because she's not particularly well known and, with a few nips and tucks, it makes perfect sense with the direction they're taking things.

I doubt her rights are tied with Spider-Man btw. Even if the Spider-Woman name is for some reason, they should still be able to use her real name Jessica Drew, and then they can just call her codename "The Spider" or something.

Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
I think its moot, because its simply unlikely they'd ever use her. She's a weird mess of a background, and wouldn't really add much to Avengers. Vastly more likely they'd use Carol Danvers, Wasp, or even Monica Rambeau first.
She'd add a lot to the Avengers. Her backstory IS somewhat of a mess in the comics because of how she's constantly been reinterpreted to fit her increasing role in the comics, but with just a bit of work it fits perfectly into the MCU and gives the Avengers this sort of major poison pill to stir things up more. I can see her being placed on the team by SHIELD to assist in a mission and then the Avengers' plans being sabotaged and them wondering who the rat is. It makes for great theatre.

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