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Default Re: // ' Lights, Camera, Action!': The Official Filming DOFP Thread [April15-Oct]

Maybe warpath Is one too based on the evidance of him still filming.

I hope the speculation Is wrong because I really don't want too many time traveling.
They should keep It to Wolverine and eather rogue or Kitty,depending on rather Anna
Paquin returns to montreal for more shooting,especilly since brotherhood may consest only of Magneto,Mystique and Quicksilver.

And with this being the X_Men's answer to the Avengers It would be bad Idea for new characters to cross with first class actors over OT actors.

Best comic book films-Superman,X2,The Dark Knight, X-Men Days of Future Past(rogue Cut) Logan,Batman Returns,The Amazing Spider-man,Wonder Woman,X-Men,Captain AMerica:The Winter Soldier
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