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Default Re: Evan Peters Joins X-Men: DOFP as Quicksilver

Originally Posted by The Question View Post
I said he was a father figure. I didn't say he was a good one.

And he absolutely had a role in who they became. Because of Magneto they became actively involved in the affairs of the world. Because of Magneto they were branded as terrorists by the authorities. Because of Magneto they had to seek to redeem themselves in the eyes of the public. Just because he wasn't around until they were young adults doesn't mean he didn't have an impact on who they became.
And Magneto is not essential for any of that. Them simply being villains in A2 accomplishes all of that. Magneto is not an essential aspect of the characters when it comes to their original role in the Avengers.

Originally Posted by The Question View Post
I'm not saying he's lying, I'm saying that he's speculating.
How is that any different? He specifically says Fox is going to use him in one action sequence and Marvel has bigger plans. There are no uncertain terms to it. He's not saying "I think" or "maybe". He's saying "it is". He's saying it as fact. He's not saying it as speculation.

He says those things in no uncertain terms, but he doesn't say where he got that information from. If he doesn't cite sources then there's no reason to think this is anything but speculation. If it was, then he would cite sources. That's how journalism works. That's how journalists establish credibility.
So again you're saying he's lying. He doesn't have to site sources, he's a proven writer who is good on these scoops. Again, what you're doing is the equivalent of saying a THR and Deadline scoop is speculation/lying. No one sites sources on these scoops for obvious reasons, we just know their credible when what they report comes true, and he has been proven. You're really reaching.

Also, reporters from THR and Deadline speculate all the time.
lol. You're reaching.

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