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Default Re: How long before the fan community turns on the Nolan films?

Originally Posted by Excelsior. View Post
The general audiences are like the Oscars: best, most credible thing ever if they support my film, worst, most vile thing ever if they don't. The general audiences are scum for liking and making Transformers a huge hit, but they are also legit because they liked and made Rises a hit.
Well said.

And Anno, when we are talking about the GA, that does not boil down to just your friends. The general audience is much larger than that, which I am sure (and hope) that you are aware of.

Originally Posted by TheBat812 View Post
I think you're judging the movie for something it isn't trying to be. It's trying to be a movie that entertains as a summer blockbuster but offers more depth from a character and thematic standpoint. It is trying to capture that grand scope of old epics such as Lawrence of Arabia. It is trying to get people to care enough about Bruce that they don't care that he's not in the Batman suit the majority of the movie, and have us invested enough into the character to care about the fate of Gotham as it relates to his personal journey and mission statement. To have us root for him to put all this stuff behind him and find life anew. To me, the film succeeded at what it was trying to accomplish in nearly every important way.
I disagree. The movie is clearly going for that. It is trying to be the same thing that The Dark Knight tried to be - a smart film intended for smart moviegoers but fun and action packed enough so that everyone else can enjoy it and get a kick out of it. I know this is going to sound really weird to say since it is a sequel to TDK and it's done by the same people but it really felt to me as if they were trying to upstage or replicate TDK not in terms of story but in the sense that Nolan was too busy focusing on how to make a film with the same quality as TDK or higher instead of not worrying about that, focusing on the film at hand, and let the quality of the film come naturally. The movie gives off this vibe to me by not only the pride that it takes in how realistic it is (i.e. the Bourne-like plane scene in the beginning, Bruce's body being so wrecked from being Batman, etc.) that it discards on-and-off but also by how it tries to covers up many paper thin plot elements with overwritten dialogue and with many big words, as well as by the fact that it constantly asks you to question and think about certain things in the movie only to never address them or allude to them (essentially leaving those things there just because). The Nolan interviews released prior to TDKR where he talked about how he wanted to make TDKR his most realistic and most ambitious project to date also added to creating this vibe.

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