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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Par

Originally Posted by fixxxer View Post
Welcome to the boards, OR.

I don't think we'll actually see Sutur in this one, but I think Malekith's goal just might be to unleash Sutur on an unsuspecting Asgard... and the rest of the realms. I'm thinking 'twill be Thor 3 that proves to be quite, um, Sutur-centric.

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I remember reading somewhere that it might be Thor's mum that was going to get the 'exit stage left' treatment. Again, I'm not sure they send Odin on his way just yet.
Whatever "redemption" Loki might find in Thor 2, if they bring in Sutur in Thor 3, he would kind of have to go over to the dark side (heh) again in order to cut the deal with Sutur that he does in the comic books. That would be fun!

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I read, too, that the mom will die. Leave it to the stuntmen to spill the beans haha. That being said, there are the rumors of a major character being killed off and unless they expand Frigga's role in Thor 2, she wouldn't really be considered a major character, no? With Odin out of the way, that would leave Thor to become king in Thor 3 (finally). That, and I heard Anthony Hopkins doesn't want to do any more Thor movies

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