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Default Re: How long before the fan community turns on the Nolan films?

Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
I think it works both ways.

On one hand, you have the group of people that are often blinded by nostalgia and refuse to accept that anything new is better than the product from their past that they saw when they were younger. On the other hand, you have the bandwagoners that cling onto whatever is new and bash the previous products in order to justify the reboot. The sad thing is that regardless of how superior or inferior a reboot of a franchise will be compared to the previous films, there will always be a certain number of people blinded by nostalgia and bandwagoners respectively on each side. I also want to establish that I don't mean to call everyone who prefers the older version of something a person blinded by nostalgia and everyone who prefers the newest version automatically a bandwagoner. I'm talking about the people that do automatically prefer the older version of whatever because they're blinded by nostalgia and the people that automatically prefer the newest version of the product because they are bandwagoners.

Not many people will agree with me on this but I don't think we'll see as many people turn on the Nolan films or on the Batman reboot as you usually see whenever a new reboot comes out, or at least you won't see as many people that are open about it. First of all, unlike previous franchises that were rebooted because the quality dropped, Batman will presumably be rebooted - I say presumably because there is still a chance that WB will bring back Nolan's Batman for the Justice League film - because the director intentionally decided to conclude the franchise. This may minimize the number of people blinded by nostalgia that will use the "Why can't they make a better/another sequel?" argument. Second, it will be a heck of a lot harder for the bandwagoners to justify them turning on the Nolan films than it was for them to justify turning on any other CBM so far. The Dark Knight is still the most critically acclaimed comic book movie to date. It will be a heck of a lot harder to justify why they turned on TDK so quick as opposed to why they turned on so fast on Raimi's Spider-Man or Burton's Batman or the rest. Whenever a new reboot comes out, a lot of these bandwagoners also try to argue that the only reason people liked the previous films so much was because they came out when there were barely any comic book movies released. They can't really use that argument with the Nolan films because they came out when the popularity of superheroes on the big screen reached its peak or is/was at least close to reaching its peak.

I'm not saying this will definitely be the case but I do think the possibility of seeing not that big of a "war" is there.
As someone who defended the Burton movies when BB came out and their names had become mud on this forum, I can safely say the vast majority will have an about change. Maybe not as drastic as with Burton and Raimi, as you say, but it will happen in large swaths sooner or later.

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