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Default Re: *Spoilers* Problems caused by the MCU

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
I don't think it's going to seriously inhibit the solo films at all. The point is willing suspension of disbelief, and it's pretty well established that Marvel audiences have gladly and gleefully suspended their disbelief. We all understand that it's (finally) a genuine comic book universe, so nobody's out there in the audience rolling their eyes and saying, "Yeah, right, like THAT could ever happen....."
You're still not understanding what I'm saying. It's not about believability, it's about the uniform tone the films have had since the MCU really came to fruition.

Iron Man was a science fiction/corporate espionage film before being a superhero movie. It had some over the top aspects but for the most part the incredible powers and other worldy aspects were explained by technology.

The Incredible Hulk was more of a government conspiracy thriller than a superhero movie as well. It was a basic action summer block buster, but it didn't feel like a fantasy.

Everything from Iron Man 2 and on however has had pretty much the same cartoon fantasy type of tone. None of them stand out as being particularly unique. Pretty much the same dynamic each time, with different characters, set pieces, and scenarios.

And the tone of the movies *is* going to change, often, even within a single franchise. That's because you've got different directors and different writers with different approaches. And Marvel embraces that. Shane Black's take on IM is different than Fav's; Taylor's Thor will be different than Branagh's; the Russos will paint Cap in a different light than Joe Johnston did.
That's completely besides the point. It's a general rule of thumb that the farther you get away from the original work, the source material, the less and less it feels like it. When you get into movie 4 and 5 the subtleties that existed early on begin to fade away and the movie no longer builds upon it's message but itself. One of the reasons I enjoyed Iron Man 3, infact was because Shane Black gave it a different flavor, while understanding core reasons we reacted well to the original.

The problem I'm beginning to notice this universe is so heavily standardized the individuality of the movies produced under it's blanket are restricted to the point they can't shine as bright as they perhaps could have if they stood alone.

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