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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux - Part 1

In regards to Thor 2, I think Sutur will make an appearance, either at the end or after the credits. This will set up Thor 3 in the sense that Loki strikes a deal with Sutur to bring him to Asgard, Sutur ends up "killing" Odin, and it would leave the throne for Thor (finally).

I've been reading a lot lately about who will die in Thor 2....
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We know from the one stuntman that Frigga (the mom) dies. Since she's not a major character, I doubt this is the only death. Odin seems far more likely. I would say it's Loki (given Thor's threat to him at the end of the trailer and the fact that he does "kill" him in the comic books), but they already "killed" Loki at the end of the first Thor movie. To do it again is kind of redundant. Give someone else a chance to be dead and come back in a spectacular fashion!

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