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Default Re: How long before the fan community turns on the Nolan films?

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
And you still don't get my aggravation of this, lol. Your posts were of the condescending type just because I mentioned why I bring up the GA because most of my friends would fit in that demo. I didn't appreciate the attitude, that's all and the attitude towards me since your replies seemingly came right after my own.

But you mentioned TDK needs to be viewed on its own merits...I agree, one shouldn't bring up the GA for that film anyways and look at the merits of TDK...but the same thing for TDKR. A film that is given reviews that fits it snuggly in between BB and TDK; that, imo, is a pretty good place to be situated in. While it may not be in the lightning in a bottle that was TDK, it does have high praise for sure and I think a lot of people want to not believe that.
Yes, there are people who refuse to believe that. Me personally, I believe it but I don't care. lol


Please read my own post in the last page as I was just stating my own opinion on why I bring up the GA. It wasn't as a "that's what people always do" kinda of thing.

Man, sometimes things are blown way out of proportion.
Alright. Misread your post. Yeah, I confess to the crime .

Yes, it does work both ways. There are many people that would source the GA's opinion of TDK as evidence for TDK being objectively great and then use the Bayformers argument when the GA has a different opinion than theirs. I do admit that I was one of those people when I was younger until I grew up and realized that that argument is complete BS from start to finish regardless of whether or not a movie is bad. However, that is precisely what Excelsior and I have stated.

Also, if you think about it, the GA isn't any smarter for loving TDK. What's the main reason for why they love Bayformers? "ZOMFG! Giant robots are fighting and it's so cool!". What's the main reason for why they love TDK? Because they love the themes, messages, and all that good stuff? For some, that is precisely the case (i.e. people like us and the critics, as well as some other moviegoers) but for a huge chunk of people that went to see it in theatres just to see Batman kicking butt, their main reason for liking the movie is "ZOMFG! Batman is so cool at fighting and he throws cool batarangs!" Not that there is anything wrong with liking a movie for that reason alone.

That's because Nolan never said anything about wanting to make TDKR his most realistic film, lol. That's up there with the many ideas of the film that Shikamaru seems to have of the film when nothing is actually specified.

He made realistic practical effects, but he's done this in all three of his films.

And many times he had said he wanted TDKR to be his most ambitious film, and imo, he did succeed. In most of the praiseworthy reviews for the film, the word 'ambitious' is brought up numerous times.
Actually, he did say that. Yes, the other 2 films had practical effects too but TDKR took it to a whole other level. It is Nolan's most ambitious film to date in the sense of the effort he put in using an even more minimum amount of CGI and special effects than he usually does (which is not a bad thing BTW; just stating what Nolan said).

That is at least true about the parts of the film that do indeed show that. Like I said before, around half of the film or even more doesn't feel like Nolan's most ambitious film to me, at least not from a storytelling point of view.

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