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Default Re: Race changes that wouldn't bother you

I agree with the above. I mean... "profoundly stupid" is a little harsh. I think Kingpin was fine, because Michael Clarke Duncan was probably the only great actor in Hollywood that matched Wilson Fisk's size requirements at the time.

But I do agree. Heimdall and Sif should be born of the same parentage. Khan should have been Indian. Black Panther should be African (and not African American).

And a short list of other characters who due to their culture, upbringing, and/or time period should focus on aesthetic accuracy to be adapted properly:

Magneto (can't be African)
Captain America (can't be Japanese)
Dr. Doom (can't be Australian)
Thor (can't be Mexican)
Black Panther (can't be Russian)

Of course there are many more examples. But you get the picture.

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