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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

I'll just repost what I said in the TV forum:

Caught the first-ep "preview" on iTunes. My verdict is "eh, I'll watch a little while longer." It has the potential to be fun, if no where near on "EMH"'s level. The dialogue is lazy, and I was rather confused as to Falcon's roll. So, he's a SHIELD trainee, who doesn't have a suit or powers or anything until he basically picks one during the episode, yet Stark's been grooming him to be an Avenger?

My other quibble is the animation seems choppy in many places. Much as I treasure my memories of watching the old X-Men and Spider-Man cartoons in the early 90s, I did appreciate the strides made in animation since then. Maybe I'm spoiled, because I loved how "EMH" looked, but this just seems like a step backward.

That said, the action sequences are reasonably fun, and I'm enough of an Avengers fanboy to give it a slightly longer probationary period. I'm still not sold on it being a worthwhile replacement, though.

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