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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 5

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
Unless Crossbones is saving Fury then it had to be Cap and Widow.
I'd say all three of our main heroes are in that scene, but won't show up until post. Widow is probably piloting a Quinjet and shooting up cop cars; Cap probably hurls his mighty shield at the SWAT team; and Falcon is probably up there flitting around and doing his thing.

Still doesn't explain how or why DC cops bring so much force to bear on Nick Fury. Cap's "Kooky Quartet --- er, Trio" probably aren't in the initial chase, and only show up to haul Fury's ass out of the fire; so if they're just after Fury, would they *really* send a SWAT team to unload assault rifles and one big-ass mother-honkin' shotgun/cannon into his window at point blank range?

And more importantly, as the scene shows, how THE hell does Nick Frickin' Fury SURVIVE such a barrage and drive away unscathed?

(a) Nick Fury has been tampering with superpowers that we're not aware of. Or
(b) That's not the actual Nick Fury, but someone very powerful and very indestructible playing him. Like, say, an LMD. A very powerful and very indestructible LMD. Or
(c) There's somebody else in the car with known superpowers, and the DC Police need to bring all the artillery they can against such a person.


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