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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread

I really think something like this would be perfect for the next live-action Batman.

Make the belt(s), gauntlets, and boots a darker black, and we'd have a solid version of a grey/black Batman suit. The design is simple, not overly busy, and yet it still looks practical with the belt pouches and leg strap. The draped cape and bigger chest symbol are things a lot of people have requested for the next Batman. He looks protected, but this suit doesn't scream "look at this crazy armor Batman's wearing". The type of armor/padding could easily be explained in the film (if it even needs to be explained this time around). They could keep or lose the white eyes, doesn't matter to me. Cowl looks good to me, but I wouldn't be opposed to ears that were a little longer.

A suit like this would present plenty of opportunities for Gothic imagery, since we're hopefully getting a more stylized Batman adaptation next time. It has the potential to look really intimidating on the right actor.

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