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Default Re: Why is everyone slamming TDKR? - Part 1

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
I actually like the cross-cutting. Love when it cuts back to Batman and Bane fighting and the "The Fire Rises" motif kicks in. And it also didn't feel foreign to this series, considering we've had cross-cutting to a watertower controller/Gordon in the Batmobile, and people on ferries during the climaxes of the films.
I think the difference between that was the things that the other movies cut to had different tones, which helped to set them apart. In BB, during the fight with Ra's it cut to Gordon in the Tumblr, which was pretty hilarious. In TDK it cut to the people on the ferries, which while certainly not funny, had a very different feel to the Batman/Joker fist fight, which helped alleviate the sheer ferocity of that fight.

In TDKR, whenever it cut to Gordon I kept thinking "Wait, no, go back!" (and how it pains me to say that). The fact that it was also an action sequence but not nearly as interesting as the Bane/Batman fight made the cross cutting annoying to me in that instant. Though I did like the stuff with Blake on the bridge a lot. I think I must be one of the few people who dislike TDKR overall but like John Blake

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini

We should definitely count the dialogue as part of the fight as that's the winding down of the battle, because if not, you could say the final Batman/Joker fight in TDK is only 40 seconds long, lol.
I don't think we should. I wouldn't count the "Madness is like gravity" speech as part of the battle anymore than I would count the "WHERES THE TRIGGAAH?!?!".. urhm... speech. The music has died down, the IMAX is no-more, clearly we have moved from action scene to dialogue driven scene.

And if the Batman/Joker fight is only 40 seconds, that's fine by me. The physical confrontation was never a very important part of those characters' relationship. Whereas with Bane and Batman, the physical confrontation was HUGELY important, thus it didn't feel right for the fight to be so short.


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