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Default Re: 'X-men: DOFP' Official CAST Thread (announcements and discussion) - Part 2

First off the size of Nixon role may be determine by who takes the Kelly role In film role Nixon or Peter Dinklage's character who may or may not be Boliver Trask.

Secondly there Is question how wolverine goes back to 1973.Well Blink's powers be reworked to allow her to transport characters back to 1973 or will they do
something similar to comics and put wolverine In Kitty's place and Xavier In Rachel's place.

A possable clue they are going with first Is James Mcavoy mentioned possibly having scene with Patrick Stewart.Now inless James misspoke as possibly was case of mentioning Alan Cumming for film,which there Is slim chance of still happening at end of film with the fallout from the correcting of Last Stand,and If that Is case I would think eather rogue or Kitty would make the trip.If Anna Paquin returns to montreal but Ellen Page Is elsewhere that Is possable clue on Rogue timetraveling with Wolverine.

The future scenes could be cross between original comic and Wolverine and the X-men with bunch of mutants fighting Sentinles and film cuts back and forth between 2 time peroids.Colossus,Warpath,Blink,and whoever adan Canto Is playing are likely smaller roles.They are mostly there for power displays and to take part In action sequenzes.Even If Blink goes back with Wolverine I still think she would mostly be In background.Bishop Is likely only new character with decent role In future role.He's only one taking part In future scenes Bryan tweeted about.

Bryan tweeting Even Peters may mean that Quicsilver Is key supporting character In 1973.Now he may be In film because Bryan wants him for action
sequenze that he feels Quicksilver Is essential for but that doesn't mean his role would be only In that.If Scarlet Witch joins Quicksilver It would probally
be for 1973 part of film.

Any new X-Men for 1973 part of film are only possable If they keep Time travelers limited.Now for those wanting 2 new X-Men In 1973 If say they use mind transfer with Wolverine as time travel that gives them opening without It becoming a mess like Last Stand.And Inless Bryan says screw It and brings In teenage versions of Cyclops and Jean,opening up the when exactly the trilogy was suspsoe to take place debate,you would be left with C list characters most likely since I doudt Polaris would be used with same powers as Magneto.Of course maybe they would just recast older actors for havoc and Banshee

If this Is an X2 and first Class length film this helps avoid falling Into last Stand terrority with too many characters.Even better would be a 2 hour and
a half long film,including credits,and 2 hours and 15 minutes or 2 hours and 20 minutes actual film.

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