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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread

Originally Posted by Broseph44 View Post
Yeah that costume is a nice fan made suit but for a movie no, especially that cowl.
I mean, it's a drawing and not a fan-made suit, so I'm not sure what you mean. And what's so bad about the cowl compared to some of the awful designs people have posted in this thread?

Originally Posted by regwec
I quite like that, Shape, though I think brown leather is a better bet if you want to replace the yellow belt: that design is a little bit too monochrome for my tastes.

And that Rob Liefeld 1990s thigh strap has to go.
I don't think I'd be much of a fan of the black/brown combo. Someone should darken the areas I mentioned, and then also make a version with those places being brown, so that we could see a side-by-side comparison. A brown belt just wouldn't "go" with anything, really.

As for the leg strap, I wouldn't have been for it before Nolan's trilogy started, but now I'm open to things we haven't seen yet on screen, visually. That small strap adds a level of practicality to a suit that doesn't look all too practical, IMO.

I'm imagining a live action version of this suit with a series of test photos against a white or grey backdrop, like we saw with Bale for TDK, and I think I'd be really happy with it.

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