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Default Re: Evan Peters Joins X-Men: DOFP as Quicksilver

The contracts they came up with really sucks. The only way they'll get any of them back is after they've been completely run into the ground and aren't the least bit popular anymore. At least Fox has to release them in such quick succession that if there was ever a major flop they won't be able to just sit on it for 4+ years and wait to revive it. After a certain point they'll be definitively losing money, especially since Marvel doesn't do any tie-in merchandising for Fox movies.

Originally Posted by ThePowerCosmic View Post
That ties into what I said earlier about McWeeny not having the script, and only knowing what his source specifically informed him about. It sounds like his source said that Singer has an action sequence in mind that only QS can do, and McWeeny ran with it and assumed that QS would only be used in the sequence and nothing else. There could be more to QS's part in the script than McWeeny knows. They wouldn't hire a talented actor like Evan Peters to just use him in one action sequence and be done with him. That's never been done in Singer's X-Movies, and I don't expect him to start doing it now.
I'd just bet more on him being another one of those glorified cameos than him actually having a notable role in the film. We'll be lucky if he gets as much screentime as Colossus got in the past X-films.

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