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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux - Part 1

I think that Loki might die in the future and hopefully in an act of self sacrifice once he realizes what he's done. The dramatic possibilities are scintillating as Loki switches from destructive fury to anguished, remorseful realization.

Just read this and it might fascinate all of you but it's been rumored that Tom is interested in playing the same role the late Brandon Lee played in an adaptation of The Crow graphic novel.

This could be a very interesting role as Eric Draven's world is a very dark world of vengeance after his true love is violently taken from him. The story behind the graphic novel itself was that James O'Barr wrote it as a cathartic release for his grief after his real life fiance was killed in a car crash with a drunk driver. The whole core of the Crow is a particularly emotionally deep one that explores undying grief and anger that I'm sure Tom will find quite an experience.

Not gonna lie, The Crow is definitely going to take Tom in some pretty disturbing emotional directions considering the story. I'm sure they'll be able to film the scenes between Eric and Shelly that they couldn't film because of Brandon Lee's death. But it'll be an emotional ride for sure going from the tenderness of those scenes to the brutality of what the Crow is and what he stands for.

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