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Default Re: Who's side are you on?

Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
And there's no reason their power source can't *still* be genetic in Avengers 2. Fox doesn't own the concept of genes granting superpowers, they just have the rights to the word "mutant".
The word "mutant" shouldn't even be something that should have been able to be trademarked. It's like Marvel and DC wanting to trademark the words "super hero".

It's not like Marvel invented the word "mutant". Next we'll be hearing that someone wants to trademark the word "power".

There are certain words which are so general and fall into everyday usage that they are excluded from trademark registration. It's why Hoover don't like people referring to all vacuum cleaners (regardless of brand) as hoovers, or all vacuum cleaning activity as hoovering, because it turns it into a generic word and dilutes the trademark.

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