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Default Re: The Man of Steel Merchandise Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by Art Damage View Post
Does anyone know if the movie masters are at Toys R Us yet? I'm really wanting to pick up a Superman soon, but all I've heard in my area was that Wal-Mart were the only ones that had the series.
Yup, as DorneyDave mentioned, there are some at mine as well with the little Man of Steel set up. I walked in Thursday to check it out and they had just begun setting everything up. I already had one of each to keep in the packaging so I bought another set to open up and the 30 inch Superman as well.

If you are pressed for money when you see them, I'd say buy Jor-El immediately because I believe there is only one of him in a case which could make him the hardest to find. My Wal-Mart has received two shiptments of movie masters over the past 2 or 3 weeks and each time they've been wiped out with a week and a half.

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